who we are

designing the future


ThunderLily was launched by in 2009  by fashion insider and brand curator, Clare Tattersall. With  her passion for fashion and an inside knowledge of NYC's garment district, she created ThunderLily to provide a virtual space for designers to source, exchange ideas, blog, find production and of course explore the exciting world of fashion and 3d.

Forming a partnership with Columbia University Techventures in 2012 and being named one of their portfolio startups, has allowed ThunderLily a rare opportunity to work with people at the forefront of 3d in fashion.

With the launch of ThunderLily NYC, she is making access to the wealth of producers and suppliers in New York's garment district and beyond. 

Clare is spearheading ThunderLily NYC a fashion accelerator – creating cutting edge software and providing innovative designers with a clear track from sketch to market.


passing it on

Fashion Tech for Girls is an initiative to stoke a girl's interest in math, science and engineering through learning the techniques of fashion design and creating wearable technology.

The truth is... fashion is in a really exciting place, from clothes that can be programmed and 3d design, to the geometry of design and the chemistry of dying fabrics it is a wondrous world of exploring and creating.

We teach girls the actual techniques that they need to be fashion designers and then inspire them to use their creativity to solve real world dilemmas with fashion technology.